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Sleep-in Roller Buns As Stylish Hair Accessory (You Won’t Believe This!!!)

Can you imagine wearing your hair roller during the day…in public… AND having an amazing stylish look? Well, my dreams came true!

AttachmentI discovered this lovely etsy store – Sleep in Comfort – selling handmade sleep-in roller buns that can be used as a fashionable hair accessory. They are so lovely and cute. The quality is awesome and rollers don’t become flat even after 3 months of use.

I was brave enough and decided to wear this gorgeous blue satin roller bun to work. Guess what? My colleagues complimented my hair style a lot and they had no clue that this is a sleep-in roller bun. I liked my experience and ordered this colorful item. Actually you can do soooo many hair styles with it.

I wear these sleep-in rollers all the time, especially when I have a night out. You wear them during the daytime and then you get effortless curls at night.

To be honest, I hate sleeping with hair rollers; and I hesitated at least a month before trying Sleep in Comfort rollers for night. My experience was quite good. You just need a bit of practice and then you won’t even feel them at night.

But what really made me love this product is the reaction of my husband. He doesn’t freak out when I put them on at night as he did with the other rollers. I know, it may sound funny, but I don’t want my husband to think I am scary LOL. He actually LOVED me wearing colorful Sleep in Comfort ‘s rollers. And girls, it did spice up our private life. You know what I mean 😉

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