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Heaven’s Bliss Detangling Brush

$9.48 (as of December 18, 2017, 8:45 am)

Proven salon grade elite detangling hair brush gives instant tangle relief; durable unique staggered bristles do not lose shape; now you can look radiant and feel more confident; manufacturer lifetime guarantee
Instantly stop hair breakage and split end damage; elite ergonomic design works for all hairstyles short, long, curly, straight, thin, perm, weave, extensions, dry or wet so you can have tangle free hair in seconds; perfect for boys, girls, teens, men and women; beauty has never been this easy
No more pain or hair loss; ideal for kids; top rated easy glide brush gently unravels the toughest of tangles in seconds; no more tears or fighting with the kids to comb their hair; your kids will love you and now you can have your best hair days