KmXtend Luxury Tape Hair Extensions Now offering Bayalage / Ombre Blends that Beat the Competition

Hair Extension

The Ombre look is becoming more and more popular, however, the old “dip dye” look is “fading” out of style. The Ombre look is when the color gently graduates from a range of deeper roots to lighter ends. The harsh lines are out, not pretty, and not what ombre is about. Balayage are soft sexy […]

Sleep-in Roller Buns As Stylish Hair Accessory (You Won’t Believe This!!!)

Can you imagine wearing your hair roller during the day…in public… AND having an amazing stylish look? Well, my dreams came true! I discovered this lovely etsy store – Sleep in Comfort – selling handmade sleep-in roller buns that can be used as a fashionable hair accessory. They are so lovely and cute. The quality is awesome and […]

Top 3 Must-Have Books About Black Women’s HAIR

As a black woman, I take hair styling seriously. And so do you! I watched thousands of video tutorials, read hundreds of books and articles about hair styling and hair care. There are books and videos that I don’t even remember, and I will not probably watch/read them again. But there are books that kept my […]

Top 3 Best Amazon Hair Extensions For Black Women TESTED

Hair extensions is my favorite thing. They make you look gorgeous. You can create so many beautiful hair styles using hair extensions. BUT if you buy wrong hair extension, you experience the most horrible nightmare in your life and you simple want to go home an hide from people’s eye. I had really bad experience […]

Would You Like To Become a Wig maker?

Wig making is a large and exciting industry. There are thousands wigs produced every day. If you love working with hair, becoming a wig maker is a right decision for you. Top rated wig makers make between £1,200 to £7,000 per wig! To become a wig maker, you don’t need a higher degree. Simply join the wig making school… […]

Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights?

Attorney Tracy Sanders Releases New Book, Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights? Tracy Sanders, a respected Los Angeles-based attorney and author released her new book, Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights? as a paperback online at Amazon and Kindle. Readers will be inspired through real-life stories, hypotheticals, case studies, and […]

Go Kinky This Summer! 10% Coupon Code From KURLY KINKS

Ladies, are you still dreaming of fabulous kinky curly hair? I have great news for you! Kurly Kinks offers an exclusive 10% discount on ALL products! All Kurly Kinks hair extensions are made from 100% natural, premium quality Mongolian hair. They offer a wide range of hair extensions with various lengths and styles —which you can cut, color, […]

Top 4 Hair Straightener Brush Video Reviews You Should Watch Before Buying One

Hair straightener brushes are everywhere these days. Could one of these save you time and money? It’s really important that you buy the right straightener for your hair needs, so check out these four videos of girls with four different hair types trying a hair straightener brush. 1. Does it work?! || Hair Straightener Brush […]

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